Free Zone Warehousing Facilities

Salvo Grima Freight Forwarding

Salvo Grima offer a wide range of freight forwarding services in Malta, from direct shipments to transshipments involving our free zone warehousing facilities. Transshipment may entail the movement of goods to an intermediate destination, and the transferring of same to another conveyance, possibly through another mode of transport, to its final destination.

We are qualified to undertake

  • sea to sea,
  • air to sea and
  • sea to air transshipment jobs.


Thanks to this combination of services, namely freight forwarding and storage, we can act as a one-stop shop for our clients, enabling us to give through-rates from origin to Malta and eventually on to the final destination of the goods.

We have expanded our customer reach through our wide network of correspondents, allowing us to offer a similar range of freight forwarding services not only in Malta but internationally.


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