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Salvo Grima has been supplying fine wines and gourmet foods to superyachts since 2003 through a flourishing boutique operation that prides itself on being flexible and responsive to the needs of its fine clientele.

We are adept at finding that specific item which will make the difference between a pleasant visit to Malta and an outstanding one – be it vacuum packed meats, first grade fruit and vegetables, specialised cleaning materials, spare parts, or even perfumes, we are able to source quality items according to our clients’ specific needs.

We have a quality supply network of fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fish and delicatessen goods. We quality control all items before delivery in our own temperature controlled vehicles. We have stocks of fine wines and spirits and also provide a range of interior services including gold and silver plating, painting restoration and personalised linen embroidery.

We have received many recommendations for the yacht supply manager and his ability to source any ‘hard to find’ mechanical and engineering spares and parts. This is not your usual chandlery… instead, this company really deals with the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the
engine-room with their vast stock.

Super Yacht Services Guide 2012

They also supply many other items for deck, gallery or interior…They are able to deliver to all yachts in any marina and they will even deliver to yachts on sea-trial or cruising in Mediterranean waters by tender.

Super Yacht Services Guide 2012

They also supply many other items for deck, gallery or interior…They are able to deliver tp all yachts in any marina and they will even deliver to yachts on sea-trial or cruising in Mediterranean waters by tender.

Super Yacht Services Guide 2012

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Luisa Galea

Salvo Grima Group Yacht Provisions Specialist Luisa Galea

Luisa Galea – Working as a Provisions Specialist combines all the things that I have been passionate about for many years and builds on my experience working on both sides of the super-yacht industry.

Food, travel and the sea have always been a big part of my life, from a very young age. My grandmother was an extremely talented cook and baker and I loved watching her in her kitchen in Malta, baking, cooking, decorating confections or sewing. I guess I inherited her love for the kitchen (but not for sewing!). In fact, one of my very first, favourite toys was a small planetary mixer that actually worked. I would take it with me to the kitchen, and my mum or grandmother would give me a piece of dough or pastry so I could join in on the fun.

As I grew older, I became fascinated by other cuisines, Sicilian seafood, pasta, and gelato, Spanish tapas, and French confectionery. And I clearly remember smelling and tasting my first plate of pasta vongole in my early teens and thinking I need to know how to cook this way. I was also lucky to spend my summers on my father’s boat, spending many weeks travelling around Sicily and Southern Sicily, swimming, discovering, and eating.

Fast-forward many years, I studied and established a career in catering, working at restaurants and hotels before opening my very own deli in Malta, which I successfully managed for a few years until I felt the urge to widen my horizons.

Whilst working in Antibes, South of France, I got my first taste of the super-yacht industry whilst sourcing provisions for chef’s onboard luxury yachts. However, I missed the kitchen, and working so closely with chefs made me realise I would like to combine the three things I loved so much as an adolescent, that is: food, the sea, and adventure.

The universe seemed to concur and soon I was off sailing and cooking across the Atlantic. Having to cook under sail meant I hardly ever cooked a on a flat or stationery surface – and this was part of the challenge and the fun. It also what made me fall in love with the sea even more and have a greater respect for mother nature.

Travelling to far flung places, and spending time out of Europe strengthened my knowledge of other cultures, cuisine and ingredients. Having to cater for discerning, curious, and very specific guests made my search for perfection and top-quality produce and products one of my major priorities. My years at sea also helped me become meticulous, specific and always striving for perfection.

After a decade of travelling I decided it was time to pack up all my souvenirs and set my roots back in Malta. Once again I think the universe and my thoughts were on the same wavelength, as the superyacht industry is growing from strength to strength, and I am pleased to be working closely with clients and former colleagues in the yachting industry as Provisions Specialist in the super-yacht department at Salvo Grima Group.

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