Salvo Grima signs agreement with Chemo Marine Chemicals

Salvo Grima Ship Supply will be providing clients with a larger range of high quality chemicals and high pressure cleaning equipment following the signature of a new distribution agreement with Chemo Marine Chemicals.

Chemo Marine Chemicals is a chemical expert firm which provides a large range of quality products including tank cleaners, water treatment, fuel additives, test kits, offshore and industrial products among others.

A meeting was held between Salvo Grima & Sons Ltd and representatives of Chemo Marine Chemicals on 13th September 2017 in order to conclude negotiations.

Image caption: Salvo Grima Group CEO Karl Aquilina, Salvo Grima & Sons General Manager Malcolm Sammut and Sales Manager Donovan Aquilina meeting representatives of Chemo Marine Chemicals.

Pink October at Salvo Grima

Salvo Grima Group’s headquarters turned various shades of pink this week, as staff commemorated Pink October in order to raise funds for the Marigold Foundation ‘s Breast Cancer awareness and prevention initiatives. After a week of fundraising, staff held a dress-down day and mini-reception on 27th October 2017.